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Why Choose Vita Luxe?

Laser Hair Removal Expert. Aesthetician Edmonton Laser Tech Hair Removal.  Best Way To Get Ridd Of Facial Hair & Body Hair. Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

Vita Luxe  offers high quality services and a luxury experience at an affordable price. We take pride in having highly trained technicians and cutting edge technology. We offer a variety of services such as laser hair removal for facial or body needs, laser skin treatments for pigmentation, vascular lesions, fine lines, signs of aging, an even complexion, acne, sun damage, collagen production, eyelash extensions for every desired look and style, and teeth whitening.

Best Laser Hair Removal Edmonton. Sharplight Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton. Vita Luxe Laser Hair Removal.
Laser Hair Removal Edmonton

Laser Hair Removal
The majority of women and men would be totally okay with never having to shave again, there are much better ways to spend our time. Shaving, sugaring, waxing, and creams are all painful, constant and skin irritating methods that can often cause ingrown hairs. Regardless of who you are and where your'e removing hair from, it continues to come back and the upkeep is a continuous task and expense. There is a better way if you're tired of the hassle, getting rid of unwanted body hair has never been easier!

Laser treatments are a quick and easy option for permanent hair removal. No doubt, if you have never tried it before you'll have some questions. Laser hair removal is safe and effective, the process is simple and requires very little preparation or post procedure action. The difference between other methods and laser hair removal is the laser is designed to remove the hair from it source- the hair follicle, preventing new hair growth. At Vita Luxe we offer individual areas to be treated (face & body) or we can build a custom body package to suit your needs.

About Vita Luxe | Laser Hair Removal | Skin Treatments | Laser Treatments | Edmonton

At Vita Luxe we offer a variety of services by highly trained technicians. Our treatment room is clean and safe providing you with feelings of comfort and luxury.  Vita Luxe uses advanced technology and top of the line laser equipment for all laser hair removal, skin treatments, photo facials, and skin rejuvenation. We are confident in providing you with results that you will be happy with. Located In North Edmonton, we serve clients from many areas of Northern Alberta including Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont, Leduc, Morinville, & Fort McMurray. 

If you are looking for laser hair removal, laser skin treatments, skin rejuvenation, teeth whitening, or eyelash extensions in Edmonton then look no further than Vita Luxe. We offer a variety of different services and packages to suit your needs.


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